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Fraternities and Sororities

Social clubs have a rich history at Abilene Christian University; Since 1919, ACU has been home to 29 local fraternities and sororities. Members form long-lasting friends as they participate together in events such as Sing Song, service projects, retreats, formal social events, and devotionals. They give students opportunities to develop long-lasting friendships. Students involved in Fraternities and Sororities are encouraged to value academic excellence. They evolved from two campus societies established in 1907 for social connection: Argos and Argens. Those two groups became the Hardings and the Zellners in 1913.

Fall 2020 Rushing and Pledging

  • The continuation of rushing and pledging activities will be based upon our ability to stay safe. We are hoping to add additional rushing dates and eventually pledging dates.
  • To be eligible to participate in rushing and pledging students must:
    • Have completed two long semesters of college
    • Be enrolled full-time
    • Be in good standing with the university
  • Rushing will take place during the month of September and early October
  • Pledging will only take place if it can be done safely. Students can expect a hybrid approach of in-person and virtual elements.

Additional dates and information will be updated once approved.

We had an AWESOME turn out for our All-Fraternity/Sorority Rushes this past weekend. If you were not able to be there, but you would still like to rush, please go ahead and fill out the forms. We will have more rushing activities posted very soon, so be watching for announcements for upcoming events. I would love to see you all there!

Required Forms for prospective pledges:

Rushing Registration form must be submitted by September 19, at 11:59 p.m.

To pledge, all students are required to submit the following three forms by September 23, at 11:59 p.m.

  1. ACU Assumption of Risk, Release and Indemnification Agreement
  2. Medical Statement and Release for Medical Care
  3. Pledging Contract


  • Alpha Kai Omega (ΑΚΩ)
  • Delta Theta (ΔΘ)
  • GATA
  • Ko Jo Kai
  • Sigma Theta Chi (ΣΘΧ)
  • Tri Kappa Gamma (TΚΓ)
  • Zeta Rho (ΖΡ)


  • Frater Sodalis
  • Galaxy
  • Gamma Sigma Phi (ΓΣΦ)
  • Nu Kappa Psi (Noble Kings NKΨ)
  • Pi Kappa (ΠΚ)
  • Sub T-16
  • Trojans


Robin McPherson
43A in Student Life – Campus Center